YouTube Mobile Live Streaming Announced at VidCon

youtube mobile Live Streaming

Youtube Mobile Live Streaming Announced at VidCon.

YouTube mobile live streaming is FINALLY here! What more can I say than this was “music to my ears”, when I heard that YouTube announced on June 23, right from the stage at VidCon that they are rolling out their version of mobile live video streaming. Currently this ability is only accessible to a select few creators. YouTube said to expect the full roll out to those with verified channels and in good standing “soon”.

Broadcasting live video is nothing new to those using Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat and Snapchat. YouTube has had this ability in the form of Google hangouts and YouTube live streaming, but the ability to start the live broadcast could only be done from a computer. I for one will be tapping my foot waiting for my broadcast live button to show up magically on my mobile YouTube app. Why am I so excited you ask?

  • YouTube is the number two search engine, second only to Google.
  • YouTube is THE platform for video creators (IMHO)
  • YouTube mobile live streaming video will be searchable on YouTube just like an uploaded video.
  • You will be able to monetize your YouTube mobile live streaming videos.
  • You will have the ability to protect your content from unauthorized use.
  • YouTube has over 1 billions users daily.
  • YouTube has better measures to keep “troll” and fake accounts off the platform than Periscope and Meerkat.

YouTube mobile live streaming will be as simple as clicking the capture / stream button; snapping a picture for a thumbnail and you are streaming! It will require high-speed internet though. If you don’t have very good internet then your stream will lag, if it even works at all. If you need better broadband to stream but don’t have much money to put towards it, check out

I will keep you up to date as to when and how fast this roll out to YouTube creators will be happening.

Are you excited about this news? What will be your first mobile video broadcast you will be planning?

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