Working on Your Business at QBConnect

Whether you are a business owner, an accountant or a developer, working on your business at QBConnect; this is the conference you want to attend.  This is an excellent  opportunity for you to come see some amazing speakers.  You will attend some phenomenal classes and learn about all the new technology.  But most of all you can make new life-long friends along the way.  They will help you and challenge you into taking your business to the next level.  I share this from personal experience.

As a business owner attending QBConnect the speaker line up is just incredible. I remember my first year attending QBConnect 2014.  I sat in awe over listen to Debbie Sterling of GoldieBlox  the winner of the Intuit Small Business Big Game.  She was so fearful that 5 year old little girls were not going to like her product.  She forgot all other factors that can affect the results, like 2 little girls who got in a fight right before the trials.  Last year at QBConnect 2015, Opera inspired us all with being Intentional.  What does QBConnect 2016 bring?  With speakers like Maxwell Gladwell, Shaquel O’Neal, Jillian Michaels, Eva Longoria and Tony Hawk, I can’t wait to see what this year brings.  If the speakers do not entice you the classes will.  They have classes covering everything from retirement, marketing, managing growth and personal experiences from entrepreneurs like Bill Rancic.

As an Accountant attending working on your business at QBConnect, Firm of the Future is the way to go.  The hardest are part of this transition is you changing your mindset and the mindset of the client.  It is about working easier and not harder.  There is amazing new technology that you need to see that will help you streamline and make your business more efficient.

Here are a few technologies I recommend you check out and learn how to implement them into your practice at QBConnect: , , , .

At QBConnect you want to take the opportunity to get in front of the Intuit product developers and Intuit team member to get know them.  Get certified! Take classes on implement value pricing, learn from your peers, learn how improve your marketing skill and become The Firm of the Future.

As a developer attending working on your Business at QBConnect, it is an opportunity for you to be able to showcase your skills at the Hackathon.   There is so much technical creativity that goes on during this event.  If you are developing a new app, this is the perfect place for you to test a product idea.  You can meet tons of new customers and get their feedback on what they are looking for in a product.

When it comes to QBConnect, do something you future will thank you for.  Come work on your business at QBConnect.  Make the transition to Firm of the Future.  See some amazing speakers, learn from their experiences.  Get inspired! See what new technology can help you but most of all come make some new friends.  I hope to see you there.

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