Transforming to Financial Viability


Transforming to Financial Viability

This week that’s what’s on my mind as my family, and I are visiting Kanab, Utah.

The scenery settles my racing mind. The blue sky calms my thoughts. The house that we have rented has a view for many miles. The view reveals fields of sagebrush and red mountains to the west.

The sprawling town has a population of nearly 4,500 and has transformed itself a few times over the last century. The Mormons settled the area in the late 19th century.

Settlement was not an easy endeavor.

The area’s Native American tribes fought for their land. The Mormons and Native Americans battled for two decades. Eventually, an agreement was reached.

The area transformed.

Livestock was introduced. Mormon domination was realized with missionary work.

Local farming coops formed after the summer of 1870 to fortify farming efforts. Investors built grist mills to grind the grain from the crops. As well, the town became a relief point for travelers. The area transformed to financial viability.

Then Hollywood came to town in the early 1920s.

Money poured into the area with the filming of cowboy movies. Kanab is nicknamed Little Hollywood and transformed to financial viability.

The building of Glen Canyon Dam in the late 1950s brought another transformation to financial viability to the area.

Subsequently, the project created hundreds of jobs. The population increased. Tourism soared. The dam is a phenomenal man-made achievement. The tour of the dam is a worthwhile experience.

We took the tour and were in awe. A bonus for us—the elevator to the bottom floor reopened on the day of our tour. Looking up from the bottom floor of the dam, knowing that the dam was built with sweat and tears of many men, brought an overwhelming sense of admiration.

Today the town is home to tourism. Small businesses work together bringing lodging, food, shopping, and sights to see.

Consequently, the lifeblood of a town is a joining of people and multiple small businesses. Together strength is realized.

A new small business peaks its head over the horizon. What journeys will the small business realize in transforming to financial viability?

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