I grew up in a very tiny town called Boeill Creek in New South Wales, just outside Mildura Victoria Australia, which is about a 6 and a half hour drive to Melbourne. I was born to Italian immigrants who arrived in Australia in the early 1950’s.

Growing up in an all Australian country town, in the 60’s and 70’s, let’s just say it didn’t go without a slight racial comment or two. So yes it was tough and it did impact my view of myself, as I wanted to be like all my Aussie girlfriends with their Vegemite sandwiches at lunch time, but no, I had to have the Italian bread and salami.  

I was delighted each morning as I set off to school, as learning was a passion I had, reading was my favourite as I was able to immerse myself in the story being read to me. My favourite book read to me and when I was able to read myself was “The Little Engine that Could”. You know the story that the bigger engine asked the little engine for help and the little engine wasn’t sure if she could make it all the way up the big mountain. But with persistence, determination and her mantra of “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I knew I could” she did. Growing up as I did in an Italian community back then  females were not meant to have careers, were not meant to go onto University and what I wanted to be when I grew up was an Accountant.   

I guess my life has been a bit like this little engine, through ups and downs and sheer determination I am where I am today.  I have come to appreciate the value of this lesson of the little red engine and the fact that I was given the tools and drive to achieve my goals and dreams. I’m sure in business and life we can all relate to this message, which most of us have heard over and over, that if you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t. Thoughts become things. Be persistent. Never give up

But along the way, I also learnt that it’s important to ask for help.  I realised that I don’t always have to do it all by myself. In fact, as a business owner it was important to figure out what I needed to outsource or hire out to others. So like the first engine seeking help and waiting for the right person or engine to come along, then keeping their eye on their goal of being able to get over that mountain and achieving success. Sometimes having the support and counsel of a trusted advisor, expert in their field or coach makes all the difference. So don’t be like the first engine and sit there and think that you need to do it all on your own, and when you do strike a problem, ask for help.

So today, I live in Melbourne, Australia, I run a successful bookkeeping business www.bybb.com.au  and also a training and consulting business www.qbbs.com.au  both specialising in Intuit QuickBooks Online.

Our clients are small to medium sized businesses and also Start-up businesses throughout Australia, I love to see my clients succeed as I help them up that proverbial mountain, I feel a little bit like that little red engine helping the other engine up the hill and then success once the top of the mountain has been reached.

By tailoring QuickBooks Online to suit the client’s business, decisions can be made, which service or products are successful, where are they losing money, do they need to change tactics, by having the correct information the client is able to plan for a successful future. We either train the client to run his own books with our help with compliance issues, or we become their virtual accounts department and do it all.

My column here on Between Wall and Main, is titled “Your Bizness Matters ”

  1. Your bizness matters to me, helping you succeed in your bizness by giving you the tools and my experience in money matters. Also adding some posts on balancing your work and life,and some health tips as well.
  2. Bizness matters:  hints n tips, ideas, compliance issues you need to be aware of, How to Guides, Q & A, webinar links.


Do you have dreams of a successful business and wonder how you can achieve your goals?  

With a little help and encouragement, you can. You can reach me at lauretta@qbbs.com.au or Australia 61 414990428.

Just in case you want to refresh your memories of your childhood with “The Little Engine that Could”  Listen to the words in the song put up your sound it only runs for 3.22 minutes and go back to your childhood and enjoy!




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