Technology for Professional Training

technology for professional trainingsDo you give presentations or corporate trainings for a living? You want to wow your audience with visuals that enhance the learning experience. You have needs beyond your computer’s built-in apps. You orchestrate projectors, PowerPoint presentations, and devices. This takes time and its own level of expertise.

Here are a few of the technology tools I’ve found for presenters to deliver their workshops.


Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

When I give a canned workshop, PowerPoint’s Presenter view projects my slides, and shows my notes on my laptop. But when I give a live demonstration, it’s hard for me click around when I have to look up at the projection, instead of doing the work directly on my laptop. Mirroring my screen to make it easy to navigate means I have to print out my notes. It’s a conundrum!

I finally found the perfect answer: use my iPad as a second monitor! Now that we have DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud Drive, no matter how you create your notes and outlines, simply saving it to a cloud-based document storage means you can pull it up with a few taps.

I do the work on my laptop, it projects to my audience, and my outline is handy. Simple, and paperless!


Projecting Your Devices On-Screen

I teach classes about using iPhones and iPads, and give keynote presentations showing off my favorite business productivity apps. PowerPoint could work, and I could print a Powerpoint presentation to look at it whilst I go, but that doesn’t fully suit my style as handy as that is. I would rather demonstrate, so I project my iPhone or iPad onto the screen for all to see.

My go-to app is AirParrot’s Reflector 2. I have it installed on my laptop. When it’s running, my computer shows up on my iPad’s AirPlay list. When I tap on it, a picture of my iPad or iPhone shows up in the center of my laptop, complete with black or white frame.

Everything I do on my device appears in real-time on the screen, projected during workshops to train my audience.

The only drawback is that some corporate wireless networks are locked down for this type of peer-to-peer networking. You just won’t be able to make the connection work. If that’s the case, there’s a solution, but it requires having both an iPad AND an iPhone with you. Turn on your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot, and connect both your iPad and laptop to the iPhone instead of the wifi.

AirParrot also has a variation on this tool that projects your iPhone directly onto THEIR iPad or iPhone. I’ve never had an opportunity to use it, but it’s a slick way to create a lab environment.


Remote Control

Is your laptop in the back of the room while you’re presenting from the front? I used to ask an audience member to press the space bar for me, but I hated to pull their focus away from the content.

My iPhone has apps for both PowerPoint and Keynote. From the front of the room I can advance my slides, go back, even see my presenter notes.


mouseposeGuiding the Audience Eye

I use my computer Accessibility settings to enlarge my laptop’s cursor. People in the back of the room appreciate being able to see my pointer.

In addition, a Mac app called Mouseposé makes the audience gasp the first time I use it. I type a keystroke of my choice to activate it. My screen dims, except around my cursor. In the settings you can specify how dark the screen gets, the size of the spotlight, whether the edge is sharp or blurred and how long it lasts.

Additional options include red dots or targets when I click, which help the viewer see my actions. There is also a banner showing the keystrokes I use in the demonstration. For example, when I type Cmd-C to copy text, Mouseposé shows the audience what I typed.



A good training is more than the content you relate. Plenty of resources are out there to help you refine your delivery and engage your audience.

But leveraging technology turns your excellent presentation into a phenomenal one. People will remember what they learned that day…and they’ll remember YOU.


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