Taking a Break – 3 reasons why you should

3 Reasons for Taking Breaks

Taking a break during your workday is well-deserved and essential for many reasons.  As I referred to in my August 29th article, Steps to become less overwhelmed, today’s topic is about scheduling break-time into your daily work routine.

Taking a break

Taking a break is not only good for your health and well-being but it’s something everyone should be doing to avoid stress.  Chances are, if you were working in an office outside of your home, your employer would provide break and lunch times at scheduled times for you.  Make a conscious decision to add break time into your daily routine.

When you take a break it will:

  • Refresh you physically and spiritually – The need to take a break is essential to your health and well-being.  You’ll find time to work exercises into your daily work routine if you try some of the following ideas:
    • Chair stretches
    • Take a walk around your yard or block
    • Instead of sitting all day, try a sit/stand desk, replace your chair with an exercise ball, stand while working for a different view, or walk around while talking on the phone
    • Here’s a 5-minute video from Fitness Magazine with some great ideas for workouts you can do in your office.
  • Clear your thoughts – Take a five minute break to get up and walk away from your desk.  Get a glass of water.  Do some stretches.  Take a walk to get your mail.  Feed your cat.  Just do something that takes you away from your desk and work for a few minutes.
  • Allow you to re-focus – Everyone needs to take some time to re-focus.  Let’s face it.  Working on a computer all day can be draining in many ways including eye strain and headaches.  Computer Vision Syndrome and digital eye strain is very real.  This article from AllAboutVision.com, there are 10 steps for relief from CVS.  Give this a quick read for effective tips to avoid eye strain.

In closing

In summary, everyone deserves a break.  It doesn’t do a body any good to sit at a computer for eight plus hours a day without taking any breaks.  Make sure you schedule some breaks into your schedule.

Next week I’ll address minimizing interruptions during your weekday.


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