Streamlining Service Businesses with QBO at #QBConnect

QuickBooks Connect
QuickBooks ConnectWith excitement I made my plans for my third year at QuickBooks Connect. My first year, it was simply the best conference I’d ever been to in my career. Not just one top-notch keynote speaker, but five. Delicious buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. QuickBooks Certification courses. A hall full of third-party app vendors so I could build my tool belt.
Year two, I barely went to any workshops, instead spending my time talking to as many people as possible. I befriended in real life the names I’d been discussing and bantering with on FaceBook. I picked up a few training clients. It was all about the social. My goal became to be a speaker at the next QB Connect.
By this point I’d found my way into the Intuit Trainer/Writer Network, and got to know the folks who created all the excellent videos and PDFs Intuit offers to the public. I was invited to submit up to three white papers for presentations I could give at QB Connect. I got to work.
My favorite submission was QBO Advanced Tips and Tricks, but the venerable Michelle Long deservedly had that topic sewn up. My second topic’s goal was to provide tangible, usable information (when I go to conferences, I’m about the hard skills, not the soft skills. I seek out usable tidbits, not warm fuzzies. But that’s just me and my type-A personality….). Since I’m also Apple Certified, I decided to submit a topic to help service businesses reduce their bookkeeping, by using the QBO app on an iPad or iPhone. My topic was accepted!
My goal with my QuickBooks Online in the Field workshop is to streamline service businesses by bringing the accounting out of the office and right onsite. The time and cost savings is extraordinary.
Service guys and gals can put away the clipboard and carbon copy paper. No longer do they have to write up an estimate, get it signed by the customer, then take it back to the office to enter it in the computer and store the carbon copy signature in a filing cabinet. Now they can do it all digitally, in one step, right down to the signature.
That estimate can turn into an invoice in one tap. That new invoice can get paid in the next tap…and if you subscribe to QuickBooks Payments, they can swipe a credit card, and QBO will process all the rest of the workflow automatically, right down to making the deposit for you.
And when the service agent stops for gas, he can take a picture of the receipt and enter it into QBO right from the truck. No more chasing receipts, or after-the-fact data entry.
There are even charts, maps, notes, and photos in the QBO app that are NOT available from the website, so you’re guaranteed to learn something new.
Now here’s why I get to let my personal geek flag fly. Because I’m an Apple Consultant, this topic would allow me to put away my laptop and do the whole thing right from my iPad. I can easily flip between my PowerPoint Presentation, the QBO App, and Safari, where I’ll show the results and how they look on the back end.
I get to let my Geek Girl flag fly, educate a large audience, and play IRL with my online colleagues, friendships I’ve been cultivating for three years now.
I’m in QuickBooks heaven, and I hope you’ll join me there at QB Connect! My workshop is on Wednesday at 7:30am, the morning after Third Eye Blind, so haul yourself out of bed, grab breakfast and a cup of coffee, and join me to learn all the cool things that the QBO app does…that the website doesn’t do!

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