Strategies For Using Video in Facebook Marketing

Strategies For Using Video in Facebook Marketing

One of my biggest “Ah-Ha” moments regarding using video in Facebook marketing, came to me when I goofing off in my office (what else is new) and I was jamming to my favorite song at the time “Chandelier” by SIA.  This was during tax season, and it was the end of a very busy stressful week.  I needed to blow off some steam.  This time for some reason I decided to record a video on my phone of me singing to SIA and spinning around in my office chair.  What resulted was a sort of “Dubsmash” before Dubsmash was an app.

Original Facebook Video is here >>  Tax Season In Full SWING!
It was funny and goofy, it showed a side to me that many may not already have seen.  But this was me and how I celebrate life, enjoyed music, laugh at myself and I shared that with the world (well Facebook at least).  The video was 23 seconds in length.

The Ah-Ha came whenvideo in facebook marketin my video started to be shared and people were commenting on it.  Intuit Accountants and Accounting Today shared my video on their Facebook business pages. It the end, I ended up converted that 23 second video to several new clients that tax season.  I had 3 emails and 1 Facebook message shortly after a local magazine shared my video.

These people saw my video and  wanted to work with an accountant that was fun, out going, I was their cup of tea!  I do understand that most people would not upload a video like that on a business Facebook page.  But then again, I am not like everyone else.  I am a bit “outside” of the box and love being there.

I uploaded that video back in February of 2015.  Video today, fall of 2016, is even more common place.   You may have noticed by now that when you are scrolling through your Facebook news feed how populated it is with video.   There is a reason for that. Facebook’s current algorithm is set to show more native video posts than any other type of posts. If you have YET to get on the bandwagon of using video, here are my 10 tips and strategies for using video in Facebook marketing:

  1. Direct uploading a video to your business page IS very different than sharing a video that is already on YouTube. If you directly upload the video from either your computer or your mobile device the video will auto play in the news feed. In contrast with a shared YouTube video, your video will only play IF someone clicks on the image to play the video.
  2. Facebook WANTS you to use the Facebook platform to share your video. They will reward you by amplifying the reach of your Facebook native video more than a video shared from YouTube.
  3. Videos shorter in length (under 5 minutes) receive more engagement. Our audience has a short attention span. We are the age of DVRs; streaming video and fast-forwarding through commercials.    We should respect and embrace these facts in our marketing strategies.
  4. Bring value to your audience with your videos.  You can use Facebook video to teach, entertain, inspire and support your audience.
  5. Optimize your native video with creative copy in the description. Don’t miss that opportunity to pull the audience into watch your video with your words. Bonus tip: If related to your video, you can tag or “mention” other business pages in  your description.  Doing this will expand the reach of your video.
  6. Make sure you have a CTA or “Call To Action” in your video as well as the creative copy. What do you want them to do after watching your video? Like, share, comment, tag a friend, head over to your website? Trust me when I tell you, you NEED to tell your audience WHAT you want them to do. Tell them in your creative copy you can hyperlink to a website, lead magnet or Google form be creative!
  7. Optimize your video with an awesome video title and relevant tags. This will help you reach a larger audience when you have the perfect title and tags in place.
  8. You don’t need to hire a videographer, use what you have for equipment. People like to see a more “real” or unpolished video. It shows you are real and truly are passionate about what you are speaking about in your video.
  9. If you are a bit camera shy, no worries; just use Microsoft PowerPoint with voice over audio; or you can use an app such as Flipagram, Animoto or PicFlow to create a quick video from your own images and add text and music to enhance the video.
  10. Last but not least, take advantage of Facebook LIVE video. From your mobile device you can live stream video on your personal profile, business page, or Facebook group. This video will remain on your page after the stream has ended. The live video option is a great tool to connect with your audience, build your brand trust and brand authority.

I challenge you this week to start using video in your Facebook marketing.  Even if is it just a quick “check-in” using Facebook live, or maybe a quick video when you are out and about town, or how about a short tutorial teaching a concept that you are passionate about.

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