Sometimes life throws you a curve ball

I need to take a break from my weekly column.  A family member requires surgery and I must attend to them.  I hope the break will only be a few weeks, but we will see. Family first…

This week, I did want to talk about me as a consultant and why I do what I do.  Throughout my life I have know such joy such as the birth of my children or my son graduating law school in 3 years and passing the California Bar on his first try (yes Tim, talking about you)  I have also known great sorrow. The death of my first born, the death of both of my parents and now this.

What I have discovered about myself is that I like taking care of people.  When I am able to make the life of a customer better by solving a software issue or implementing a solution that allows them to better understand their business, I feel like I am giving them the tools to a better business life, which in turn translates to a better home life and allows them to take care of their families.  In turn, since I am a small business, I expect to be paid for helping the client and they are happy to pay for solving their problem.  Win, Win.

I always try to put myself in the shoes of the client.  I once read an article when the author hated that software companies called their customers “users”  I agree, and try to avoid the term.  I wrote an article titled “The customer is not always right, but they are always the customer” in which I talked about respecting the customer viewpoint and valuing their opinion.  At the end of the day if my customers are better off for having interacted with me, then I succeeded.

This column is designed to make retailers better at what they do and as much as I like writing it, I need to focus on keeping my business functioning and taking care of my most important customer.  Because of that, I need to take this pause.  I promise to be back with more articles in the future such as how to pick the best POS system for your business, more retail metrics and lots, lots more. Bye for now.

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