Small Business Spotlight with Ron Ames of Rames, Inc.

I’ve been working with Ron Ames for quite a few years now. He started out using Quickbooks for Mac, and while this is and has been a fantastic accounting program for Mac users, we began to experience some friction.

Particularly in more recent years, as mobility has increased in importance, I was trying to push Ron, and his wife, Janet (who handles his bookkeeping with my direction) to upgrade to Quickbooks Online.

Last year Ron agreed to make the switch to QuickBooks Online. We also moved to a flat rate pricing model, so that as ron puts it in this interview, he has one less unknown, and one more known in his business.

Now, Ron and his wife, can work with while Ron is in London, and Janet is at their new home in Friday Harbor, and I am still here in beautiful downtown Burbank, CA. Ron also loves the automated reports that I’ve set up to go out to him each week, and he really loves the auto invoice feature. QuickBooks Online remembers what he sometimes forgets.

Ron also discusses how important it has been to him, to have someone like me, who can work with him, on using the latest and greatest technology. He makes reference to “apps” that we use to track to do lists etc… We use Wunderlist to track our To Dos. This is great because, as Ron also points out, he is on a Mac, and I am on a PC, but the different platforms that we use no longer matter, because the cloud apps that we use, like Wunderlist, and of course now QuickBooks Online, unify us in a way that we could never do with desktop software.

Nerd Enterprises, Inc. is a Firm of the Future, and Ron Ames enjoys the benefits of having someone like me as his friend and colleague, who helps him make things happen, no matter what part of the world he’s in.

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