The Rise and Fall of The American Health Care Act and My Guide to Being 150% Productive

Well that sums it up in a nutshell, and of course the anti-trump people did not hesitate with the memes, and very large L’s all around the internet. Then I saw talk of whether or not Trump should fire Paul Ryan. Should he? Or should he take responsibility for the failure of the act to pass, and see what needs to be done to get it passed next time around? If there is anything I’ve learned running my own company, it’s that I have to take responsibility for everything that happens. In fact, when I do that, it empowers me to do something about it. If I point my finger and blame others, I am powerless to change anything.

The lean startup way – you create something. You get it out there fast, and gauge the reaction. Then you revise, and re-test, until you get it right.

Then there are the times, when you have no idea, that you got it right, and it just flies. Last week my article entitled, “Seth David’s Guide to Being 150% Productive” went live on Intuit’s Firm of the Future website. Apparently people really liked it, and then it was picked up on The Insightful Accountant; How to be 150% Productive. Look carefully, the article itself looks like the “fine print” on a food label, but it’s there, summarized, and linked back to the original.

My take away from all of this is to keep things simple, stay focused, and never give up. Yesterday I posted a video on Facebook, of my dog, Ralphy who was persistent in getting what he wanted out of my fridge. My good friend, Tina, pointed out that he was persistent, “…just like his Daddy!” This made me proud – to know that I am thought of that way.

I hope that Trump doesn’t give up. I hope he keeps working to get healthcare right, and my plan is to continue in my quest for greater productivity, so I can get more done, and have more fun!

See you on the web!

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