Revelry 2016

I just got back from Revelry 2016.  Revelry is the birthday party and user’s conference for the iPad based Point of Sale system from Revel.  Intuit partnered with Revel in November of 2014 and have a branded version of Revel called QuickBooks Point of Sale Powered by Revel.  The conference started off with Revel announcing Shell Retail has chosen Revel as their Point of Sale solution for all of their 43,000 service stations throughout the world. Talk about amazing news.  Shell said they chose Revel because of it advanced technology and easy to use interface.  I attended several sessions including one of all of the add-on features for Quick Serve and Table Service Restaurants. For example, Revel has a white label mobile app.  This will allow customer to order food from their phone and then pick it up at the store.  Additionally, there is on-line ordering and delivery management.  Next up was a session on their road map for the future.  The future includes continuing to improve the experience for the traditional retailer and tightening their integration with QuickBooks Online.

So now that you know all about the party, now for Product details.  Revel was founded in 2010 when the founders looked at the Point of Sale landscape and thought they could do better.  They chose iPad’s for their technology as it was easily available and had a large base of users who knew how to use it.  The also chose to build their platform on a hybrid technology, Not cloud based, nor tablet based, but the best of both worlds.  the Ipad can still take sales if it loses connection to the Internet.  While a number of other systems have copied the concept, Revel was there first. They also chose to use the less common 5 ghz WiFi frequency as it was more secure and had less traffic than the more common 2.4 Ghz.  Fast forward to now.  Revel has over 25,000 registers in use today and continues to grow in the marketplace being the most widely deployed iPad based system in the world.

So the bottom line is that anyone considering buying a new POS systems, especially for their Restaurant needs to put Revel on the list for consideration.  The power of the platform  with all of the add ons combined with the integration with QuickBooks, makes it a strong contender upside the titans of NCR’s Aloha and Micros.


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