QuickBooks Connect 2016 – Richard Preece Takes the Stage

Approximately six weeks prior to QuickBooks Connect, Richard Preece assumed a new role as Vice President, Intuit Accountant Segment.

After the announcement about QuickBooks Self Employed and the ability for user to add their accountant, Jim invited Richard on stage to discuss his new role, and where his priorities are.

In his first six weeks, Richard says he has been focusing on developing the market in France. They’ve instituted a program called, “Change Academy.” Intuit invited 15 firms and accountants who are moving to the cloud. This is a 12 month program, where Intuit holds the hands of these firms, who are making the transition to the cloud. In short, Intuit will spend a year helping these firms and accountants get from where they are, to where they want to be in one year.

The next initiative, where Richard is focusing is on their match making program. Richard explains that this “Team Building” program is similar to LinkedIn. They will work with accountants to create a high quality profile. Intuit will then show you each day, how many leads you have, and who’s visited your profile.

This program goes live in 2-3 months, so be on the lookout!

Last, but not least, Richard says he’s looking forward to join the QBOA & Tax worlds together in one “Practice Management” Suite.

Intuit has received criticism from the accounting and bookkeeping community over the years, for not providing support for the accountants. Intuit has always maintained that they have specific programs designed to support accounting and bookkeeping professionals. Richard’s role seems to be just that. As Jim McGinnis points out, they are not passing the baton, they are passing the socks! This may be a clever way of saying that Richard Preece has some big shoes to fill, and has Richard points out, Jim has left things in very good shape!

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