QuickBooks Connect 2016 – The Pre Game Show

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I woke up at 5 am on Sunday morning, to catch my 8:10 am flight out of Burbank, CA. If you ever get a chance to, you have to fly through this airport. I arrived at the airport at 6:45 am, and I was through security, and at my gate awaiting boarding time by 7 am. That was including a thorough check of my backpack, which often gets flagged, on account of all of the equipment, and “clutter” as the TSA agent put it.

Erica caught up with me at the gate, we grabbed some breakfast, and got ready to board. Along the way onto the plan I ran into Pam Bingham. It was already beginning. Connections from all around the globe.


We arrived at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose by approximately 10 am.

As they were getting the rooms ready,

the gathering of the who’s who in the world of QuickBooks began.


We hadn’t even gotten into our rooms yet,

but the fun and the connections were already starting.

Then the Australian Connections began to show up.

Margaret (Above) joined us early.


At approximately 4 pm I attended the SalesPad Partner meet and greet.

I am not an official partner, but they were gracious enough to let me in.

Then at 6 pm the VIP Summit Welcome Reception began. I am honored, and humbled, of course to be included on this list of global influencers. All I did was make a bunch of videos. The rest of these people actually had to work for it 😉

I kid, I kid.

One of the things I learned last night, was the importance of the shoes you wear!

The theme was Andy Warhol, and as usual Intuit got creative with our photos!







The night capped off with a TSheets hosted event in the Fairmont lounge

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