QuickBooks Connect 2016 – Finagraph, MARQ™, and Moody’s! Oh My!

I’ve known Mike Milan for a number of years now, and during that time I’ve grown to have tremendous respect for him. At QuickBooks Connect this year, I had the opportunity to stop by the MARQ booth. MARQ™ is a score created by Moody’s and Finagraph, that makes it much easier for banks to assess a company’s ability to pay back a loan. The score is much more straightforward than a FICO score, as it’s based on 100.

You can learn more about the MARQ™ score here.

Meanwhile at QuickBooks Connect this year I of course stopped my to visit my good friend Mike Milan, and then I had the opportunity to meet Nancy Michaels from Moody’s Analytics. I spoke with them for a few minutes about what they were up to, and I learned something very interesting, that I think you’re going to want to learn too! The big question I had was, “why Finagraph, of all companies.” Moody’s is a very large and well known company. I’m sure it isn’t easy to win their attention. When Nancy explained the answer, I beleive a very important lesson / take away came out of it. This is something we all need to pay attention to as small business owners.

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