QuickBooks Connect 2016 17Hats Exhibit

17Hats has been on the market as a workflow optimization tool for some time now. Try it and get 50% off on your projects today (Cyber Monday 2016) only.

I produced a course on it, called Automating Workflows in Your Accounting or Bookkeeping Practice.

When I look at a company, I look at the product, of course, but I also look at the team behind the product. It helps that these guys are located only a stone’s throw away from me in Pasadena, CA. I’ve had dinner with Donovan, the CEO, and Ryan Groves, Director of Communications. I can vouch for them firsthand, that this is a company who is dedicated to helping small business succeed. In addition to creating a powerful and easy to use workflow automation tool, this year they released “Ally.” Among other things, Ally provides you with tremendous back office support, at a fraction of the cost. You get a team of three experienced people dedicated to helping you with answering the phones, following up, and a plethora of other forms of support.

During QuickBooks Connect this year, I stopped by the 17Hats Exhibit booth, and spoke with Ryan. During this interview he discusses with me, what 17Hats.com has been up to, including another reason why you need to sign up.

17Hats helps you automate processes from sending out e-mails to checking off items on checklists, and signing, and archiving contracts.

The core product was made free earlier this year. This covers you for up to 3 free active projects, at any given time. This was designed so that 17hats can start with a startup and grow with them. Ally comes in next as a great compliment to the core product. The service was designed to fill the gap that all small businesses hit between startup, and growth, where you need a team, that you cannot yet afford, in order to grow to the next level. This is a three person team. One person answers calls. Another reaches out to existing clients to make sure they have what they need. The third can even be a bookkeeper who can help with that part of your business.

In order to succeed, you need the right Inspiration, Education, and Tools!

Ryan Groves – 17Hats

Watch the video above to see the discussion I had with Ryan!

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