#QB Firm of the Future 2016 Winner 24 Hour Bookkeeper Karine Woodman

Each year at QuickBooks Connect, a winner of the Firm of the Future Contest is announced. This year it as Karine Woodman, of the 24 Hour Bookkeeper.

Over about a 15 minute interview you’re going to learn why Karine won. You’re going to get a real sense of what it means to be a “Firm of the Future.”

Karine provides some great insights into what she does to use technology, to get things done quickly, efficiently, and most important, effectively. Karine will not work with clients who won’t use QuickBooks Online. As she states it in this interview, she won’t be able to get the job done well. The best way to migrate clients from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, is to offer it, included in your fees, and ask them to “try it.” You have to put it in terms of why it is a benefit to the client.


Karine says she finds new clients using social media, and partnering with others. Blog posts, webinars, and networking events are a few of the ways that Karine gets new clients. She says, “be yourself, and show your passion.”


Client meetings are all held in a video conference format. Karine has a setting that automatically turns on their camera, when they start a video conference.

Value Pricing

How do you move clients from hourly to a fixed fee? You look at what the client has been paying based on the hourly rates, and then divide it over 12 months. Then as the efficiency is increased, and things can get done in less time, it becomes more profitable.

What is the benefit to the client?

The biggest benefit to the client is, “no surprises!”

Karine offers three packages, or levels of service. She says this eliminates the negotiating.

What about apps?

The whole business is paperless. There are internal apps, and then apps that are based on the clients’ needs. Karine uses Work Etc.. as a CRM. This gives her visibility into all of the communications with clients.

She also uses Ledger Docs, and Hubdoc.

Any other advice?

Just get online and do it. You have to be the leader, so you can’t ask your clients to do it, if you haven’t done it!

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