Predictable Success – Starting the Layers of the Altitude Perspective

predictable success

Is your team on it’s way to Predictable Success? What can you do to optimize your team’s performance?

This is part one of this two part series on Predictable Success and the Altitude Perspective. For part two, please click here.

Predictable SuccessPredictable Success

At Polymath, we use the Predictable Success system to help us understand each of our most effective roles within the company and how we can best support each other. If you are not yet familiar with Predictable Success, be sure to check it out. It has really helped up bring our team to the next level.

Predictable Success talks about the 7 stages of the business life cycle. It describes very effectively what personalities fit into each of those stages. They even offer free quizzes on their website so that you can see what stage you are in and have each member of your team discover their personality type. These tools have been priceless for us at Polymath.

About a year ago, I discovered that we were just entering stage three: Whitewater. The problem was that we were doing it without a Processor. To really understand what I mean by the Altitude Perspective, you will first need a little background.

Personality Types

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Predictable Success, I’m going to give you just enough info to peak your curiosity so that you go to their website to learn more.

There are 4 personality types in Predictable Success:

  • Visionary – Big picture ideas, next steps of evolution
  • Operator – Get it done, check it off the list
  • Processor – Systems for effectiveness and efficency
  • Synergist – Team player, communication and cohesiveness

I am a high visionary with a decently high secondary synergist.

Maretta is tied for her visionary and synergist with a high secondary operator.

Vanessa is a very high operator with an OK secondary processor, but she is happiest when she can focus on checking tasks off the list.

With just the three of us on the team, we were not yet ready to focus on the Altitude Perspective. We were spending too much time in areas that were not each of our fortes.

Our Conundrum

For the last year we have been struggling in the whitewater stage without a strong processor on our team. Without a brain that naturally gravitates to systems and organization, it feels like we have been limping along. That may sound a bit ridiculous to our accounting colleagues that have been seeing us win multiple awards over the last year for the nifty stuff we are doing. Nonetheless, we haven’t been feeling like we’re at our best.

predictable successEach of us has been spending a lot of time backing up the other two in various areas. We have all been spending way too much time outside of our areas of forte. This often leaves us feeling exhausted and frustrated. This is the opposite of the Altitude Perspective that we did not yet understand that we were seeking. We needed help.

We have been actively seeking a processor for the last 6-8 months. “Actively” in our case, means spreading the word through our networks of trusted colleagues with good faith that the right person would come along in the right time and place. In the mean time, I have been working to fill the void of the processor to the best of my ability. My ability in that area is really not so good, as processor is my least adept area. We’ve been getting by, but we had no idea how good things could actually get. The Altitude Perspective changed everything.

Our Processor

The right time and place came just a handful of weeks ago. A trusted accounting colleague of ours introduced us to a friend that she worked with for years in a previous employment. This colleague knew exactly what we were looking for and how we were using predictable success in our search. She emailed us her friend’s resume along with her predictable success personality scores!

Lo and behold, Vicki is a high synergist with a great secondary processor.

Vicki has only been with us for a few weeks, and already it feels like we are hitting our stride. From the first meeting, we all felt comfortable and safe with each other. This is so important for our close team culture.

What we didn’t expect was how quickly we would see shifts in our productivity. Vicki is such a calming and grounding presence for all of us. Just having her around makes all of us feel more organized and productive. We are starting to move forward in areas where we have felt stuck for a long time, and it feels SO good. Then the Altitude Perspective clicked, and everything changed.

Be sure to check out our next article all about the Altitude Perspective!team

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