Overwhelmed by Marketing Your Small Business?

When it comes to marketing our business many of us struggle in this area.  We are good at what we do but when it comes to the marketing, well it is a whole another can of worms.  There are so many options now days, social media, Facebook, cold calling, direct mail. Where do you start? No matter where you start you want to make sure you see the results of your marketing efforts.  Many of us market when we are slow but stop marketing when we get busy.

When I first started my business I was doing about eight networking events a month.  Networking is great way to build a referral network and also find clients that need your services. But what if networking is not your thing?

One of the most effective marketing strategies that I have found is hiring a part-time inside sales person to do cold calling. Cold calling can be quite effective.  It gets you in front of business that would not normally go to networking events.  When I was doing this I was having about ten appointments a week and closing half of them to become clients.

When it comes to marketing your small business make sure you:

Know your target market. Having a niche can help you run specific campaigns.  Facebook is a great for running targeted campaigns as is linkedin.

Get the word out.  Send out a newsletter. Ask for referrals from your clients. Do some public speaking or offer classes.

Know your elevator pitch and have a handle on your product and pricing strategy.

Marketing is the utmost important to small business owners.  It is also the most challenging part of running your business. Take control of your marketing.  Make sure you have a consistent marketing plan. Most of all use all the tools available to you when it comes to blogs, social media, and marketing.

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