The New-Tech Disconnect

Scanner Pro

Scanner ProTechnology changes rapidly. Overwhelmingly quickly! If you’re not tech-savvy, you may be comfortable with your always-done-it-this-way workflow, but you’re missing out on welcome possibilities.

For example, MileIQ tracks your mileage so you don’t have to keep a paper log. ScannerPro allows you to take a picture of a handout instead of scanning it in the office, with the bonus that you can store it in Evernote and search for the text when you need it. QuickBooks Online allows you do make receipts and take payments in the field instead of the office.

These hundreds of apps not only save time, but allow you to USE your info, instead of storing it in a file folder…in a a back room.

When I say “hundreds of apps,” I can hear you groan, even from here. It said it was overwhelming!

My favorite way to learn about useful tools is to ask my friends and colleagues. When you’re at lunch with a coworker, compare your three most-used apps (Facebook doesn’t count). At a business meeting, use the topic as an icebreaker. When hanging out with friends, have everyone show off their guilty pleasure.

That way you’ll find apps that are relevant to your life.

The other challenge is the technology itself. But the more you do, the easier it is to do everything!

As a professional educator, I affectionately call this “a training issue.”

For me, the best part is what you don’t know that you don’t know. Even if you’re comfortable on your iPhone, when you take our webinars, you’ll learn a dozen tips and tricks you can’t imagine living without.

I realize that it can be hard to learn a new system. At Royalwise I like to joke “We teach old dogs new tricks, and new dogs old tricks.”

When you’re new to any new technology, you have to give yourself the chance to overcome the learning curve. It takes time, and you may not think you have enough time.

But think of it this way: cloud technology shares information across devices and websites. If an app saves you an hour a week, how much money does that add up to? How much time? It may take 5 hours up front to get comfortable with the new strategy, but in the long run that return on investment becomes cheap, genuine ROI.

What would you do with an hour a week? See another client? Knock out a back-burner project? Take a nap? Play with your kids?

Me? I’m out playing Pokemon Go, and getting some exercise!

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