Motivating Ideas to Keep your Employees Happy

What do you do when you do not feel like doing what you need to do to get things done? Now what do you do when it is your employee who is the one lacking the motivating? Instilling motivation is not easy.  You want your employees to have a sense of growth and satisfaction in their job.  Keeping your employees happy by motivating them is a tough job.

Here are some motivating ideas to keep your employees happy:

  1. Create a good work Environment. Going to work should be enjoyable.  Your employees spend at least 8 hours a day at their employment.  Provide a work area that is suitable.  Have a water cooler or snacks they may enjoy and have enough space for team members to interact.
  1. Give recognition. Recognize the accomplishments that your employees make.  You may want to reward them for their achievements. A certificate goes a long way.
  1. Invest in your team. Build and develop the skill set of the team.  In our firm each person get’s certified in the QuickBooks product line.  If they want to take an excel class we encourage it.  We want to see our team members succeed.  It only benefits the company.
  1. Give Feedback. Feedback is important.  If your employee is doing well be sure to tell them so.  Be sure to say “Great job”  “Thank you for your hard work.”  “ I appreciate everything you do.” Try not to be over critical.   Communication is key.   Do not take your employee for granted.
  1. Be fair and respectful it goes a long way. Trust your team and respect them that they know how to do their job.

Motivating people can be challenging but when you have a goal in mind and let people in on the process the result can be rewarding.

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