More than Money Mindset

Stacy Luft

My name is Stacy Luft and I am a business consultant for small business owners. I have spent over 20 years in the accounting field working in privately held entrepreneurial business at all levels of responsibility from accounts receivable clerk to Chief Financial Officer. Throughout my career I was drawn to the operations side of the business and how teams worked together. I would often find patterns in slumping sales or rising costs tied to the morale of the organization. I had a natural feel for businesses and how the people would behave in them. When I started my career, I was quickly making decisions on whether or not to extend credit terms to the customers based on their past performance, credit reports and speaking with their trade references. Throughout the years, the culture of an organization always turned out to be the tipping point of the profitability of the company regardless of the economy. In a good economy, companies left a tremendous amount of profit and opportunity untapped. In a bad economy, the companies would quickly lose their hold on cash flow and customer retention.

I hold a very basic belief that People Affect the Profits. Many times, when a company is losing money, we will hear how the market changed or costs went up so now profitability has done down. However, how often do we step back and take a look at the people in the organization and how they are affecting the profits? People have far more to do with profitability than we recognize. This is especially true in small businesses where the company is growing and the processes are evolving or non-existent. Helping entrepreneurial companies bring the profits and people together to build a strong foundation for future growth is what I enjoy. The numbers always tell the story of what is happening in your business, including what is happening with your staff if you know what to listen for.

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