Marketing on a Shoe Strings Budget

As accountants we are always advising our clients that their accounting is an investment and not an expense.  The same goes for marketing. Marketing can be very expensive and sometimes is not cost effective.  So what are some effective strategies when you’re marketing on a shoe string budget?

Here are six strategies when marketing on a shoe strings budget:

  1. Networking.  When I first started my company I would do eight networking events a month. I built an elevator pitch, a quick icebreaker about me and my business. My objective was to get to know people and build my centers of influence. (Other business owners who marketed to the same type of client I did.) From there I would
  1. Build a referral network.  I would collaborate with other businesses who market to the same market. For example computer technicians, tax attorney’s, CPA’s or another ProAdvisor that specializes in an area that you do not. We have common clients.  We are able to do cross marketing campaigns or refer clients.  Do not forget to ask for referrals.
  1. Write Articles. Become the expert in a subject matter.  Write about an experience or helpful tidbits that would peak the interest of your audience.  Build your name recognition, which can help you bring in clients.
  1. Public Speaking. Speak at local organizations. Every organization is looking for speakers at their monthly meetings.  Share your experiences and knowledge with them.
  1. Send out a newsletter. A newsletter is way to monthly get in front of your clients, colleagues and potential clients.  You want to provide content to peak interest in your services and keep your company name in front of their minds.
  1. Reviews. Start to build up a collection of reviews from your existing customers. All you need to do is reach out to your clients and ask them to spare two minutes of their day. There are so many companies about for reputation management that will guide you on where to start, and how these reviews will drive your sales.

A business does not need a great deal of money to market.  You just need effective ways to market on a shoe string budget.  Following these five strategies will help.



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