KISS: Keep It Simply Social

Joanne DelBalso

Keep It Simply Social

Remember the days before the Internet? The “good ole days” before opening up your computer every morning to check your emails and perusing your Facebook feed. As a business owner / entrepreneur you would head out to your local chamber of commerce event or local BNI group, dinner parties etc. to network, mingle and get the word out about your business offerings. Getting to the opportunity to actually connect with other business owners in person made it extremely easy for you to show how passionate you are about how your serve your customers.

Today we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Periscope, SnapChat, Blab, just to name a few. All these social platforms may  seem really daunting for those that remember those days before the Internet.

Keep It Simply SocialK.I.S.S. (Keep It Simply Social), is how I like to explain to my clients how they should be interacting on social media. Think of the days before you had Facebook and Instagram and strike up conversations to connect with others with similar interests. Merriam – Webster’s Dictionary defines “Social” as:

Liking to be with and talk to people: happy to be with people”

All these social platforms have opened up vast opportunities for businesses to connect with their ideal customers more than ever before. Now is the time to use social media to attract your ideal customer, tell your story of “why you do what you do” and provide value to that audience.

It doesn’t happen overnight. There is no “short cut” to having social influence. Just like when you attend a local networking event, it is rare that someone will immediately do business with you after the first meeting. You need to allow them to get to know you, your business, what your core beliefs are and what solution you bring to their business.

I will leave you today with Joanne’s 4 “Kissing” Strategies:

  • Listen First – What does your audience need from you?
  • Tell Your Story – Why do you do what you do?
  • Provide Value – Be a content creator and build your authority as a trusted advisor.
  • Connections – Make connections, discover their needs and connect them with those that can fill those needs.

In my upcoming posts, I will discuss various ways of using the platforms and tools that are currently available to build your authority, brand and community, all while you “Keep It Simply Social”.

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