Invitation – Reach out to others and put yourself out there!

Developing a connection between people for the first time can be challenging. Many of us fear rejection and judgement, particularly if we wish to connect with someone we admire or look up to. Nonetheless, we are all people. Sometimes an invitation is all that it takes to create amazing opportunities for all.

A Pleasant SurpriseConnect

I received an email from a colleague just a few days ago that ended in an invitation. That email totally made my day. It read:
I found your website through an article on Firm of the Future’s website.  I am just starting my own business.  I’m still researching various apps, writing procedures, checklists and working on my website.
I spent a lot of time this week working on client engagement and services and have been evaluating various options.  I love what you’ve done with your packages and the roadmap to get started.  It looks like you are doing a number of things that I’ve been thinking about and would love to learn from your success.  If you have time, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to network with you or someone on your team.

An Invitation to Network

It meant a lot to me that this colleague took the time to reach out personally. How can we know what impact we are having in the world if no one tells us? I was so glad to hear that my articles had helped someone, and the invitation to network really touched me. I replied:
Thanks so much for reaching out! Here are some of the circles I run in. We would love to have you!
  • Join the email list for the Southern Oregon Bookkeepers Association at We occasionally web-broadcast our meetings via Zoom, and it would be fun to have you join us.
  • Join the Meetup Group for the Southern Oregon Woodard Group at There might be occasional online participation there, too.
  • Join the Woodard Network. I have learned so much from that group. The small financial investment is well worth it.
  • Drop me a friend request on Facebook. I couldn’t find you.
  • Join the Ask A Bookkeeper group on Facebook. This is our community of SMB’s, accounting pros, coaches, and software apps that love the #AskABookkeeper puppet show. To learn more about this exciting project, which we are just launching as a Kickstarter on May 8th, visit
  • Come to the accounting conferences. I was so scared the first time I went, thinking that it was going to be a bunch of fancy professionals in suits that were wondering what on earth this crazy girl was doing there. I was right at home with all the crazy accountants! This year I will be at Scaling New Heights, ProfitCon, QuickBooks Connect, and Accountex. If you need to pick one, Scaling and QB Connect are my favorites.
  • If you really love our educational content and would like a big dose of it, I also lead a mastermind group for accounting professionals. I need to update the website, but we are planning to start the next round in July, after Scaling New Heights. You can visit for more details, and click to get on the waiting list if you are interested in getting an update when I post the dates.
Just an FYI, this is a totally organic reply that I just created for you. Now that I’m looking at it, I want you thank you for the opportunity to write this. It would be good for me to get all of these things out to more people! We all struggle with putting ourselves out there, sometimes.
invitationI look forward to learning more about you and your business. Congratulations on diving in head first!

An Invitation for You

I am grateful to this colleague for inspiring this opportunity for us to connect. I have no idea who reads my column, whether or not you have read any of my articles in other online journals, or whether or not these ideas help you. What I do know is that we make a greater impact in the world when we create amazing things together. This is an invitation. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to network with you. Please feel free to reach out to me over any of the networks listed above, or leave a comment on this article to let me and our other readers know about the circles that you run in. Then pass the invitation along!

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