Growth in Business – Top Components for the Journey of Four

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What are the top four components most necessary for growth in business? It’s easy to get caught up in building systems and a team. Focusing on the day-to-day routine and wishing we could clone ourselves can pull us away from remembering that business growth and personal growth go hand in hand. It’s all about the journey. Any business that hopes to have a global reach must use specific international seo principles in order to be successful.


A handful of weeks ago there was a post in a group on Facebook asking what 4 components were most necessary for growth in our businesses. It was one of those surveys where everyone can choose multiple options. The options included things like certifications, systems & processes, finding a clone, and many other simple solutions that would ease frustrating business symptoms on a temporary basis. I felt like all of them were missing the mark.

I selected, “Other, please describe.”

Growth Component #1 – Self Awarenessgrowth aware

The first component for business growth is Self Awareness. We must know ourselves in order to have clear vision and purpose for our businesses. If you’re growing because you understand this step it might be a good idea to consider getting a Corporate Office to Rent in Bangkok to demonstrate your growth to customers and clients alike. It might be more useful for you to take advantage of shoreditch office space if that is where you decide to grow your business moving forward. What’s the point of having a business of your own if you aren’t enjoying it, aren’t making money, and aren’t having a positive impact on the world? In order to do those things, we need to have a clear understanding of who we are and what we want.

Keep in mind that we are always changing.

Growth Component #2 – Self Discovery

As we grow and change, we need to learn more about ourselves. There is always a next level. There are some deep-rooted beliefs and habits that formed when we were young, and some of them may be holding us back in our businesses today. With an ongoing practice of self discovery, our businesses grow with us.

That’s not always easy.

Growth Component #3 – Crush the Comfort Zone

The best growth happens when we step outside our comfort zones. If we stay where we are comfortable, we discourage change. Change is necessary for growth.

In order to experience the best growth, it helps to have a good reason to work for it.

Growth Component #4 – Helping Othersgrowth sparkler

We grow through strong purpose, where we focus on making the world a better place through our work. We are all here to learn and grow through connection. Those connections may be with other people, animals, our environment, art, and many other facets of our world. The important thing is to work to make it better. Understanding how our businesses positively impact the world gives us an endless supply of fuel to maintain our passion for our chosen vocations, and it also helps us to connect with our target markets.

By being the spark that lights someone else’s why, our spark only gets brighter. We can create a non-zero sum game where everyone wins.

The Journey of Four

Our business problems are our personal problems in disguise. When you have those 4 components for growth, everything else will follow much more easily. You must be willing to do the deep work, otherwise everything else is a symptom of a greater problem.

When I re-posted some of these ideas in the private Facebook group for my Accountant Bootcamp participants, there were some great responses. Keep reading to see what some other accounting professionals had to say. One of them even coined the title for this article.


“Amen! I have been learning over the last several months just how much my firm is a reflection of me. How the firm problems are just an outgrowth of my problems, etc. Everything starts with my thoughts. So that’s where I need to start – and finish!”

I couldn’t agree more!

“I couldn’t agree more! Once I began the “Journey of the 4″ (what I’m now fondly calling your 4 components) was when I started to believe more in myself and what I can offer through my work. Love this!”

Embracing it

“I agree that it’s more about the internal than any thing more concrete as their provided answers seemed to suggest. And I do think self awareness is SO important. On the other hand I was very self-aware of a whole hell of a lot of my issues and their impact on my business… and while it’s helped me grow in fits and starts, it hasn’t helped me *stay* grown. Lately I’ve been thinking it’s not just self awareness, or self discovery… it’s about being *GOOD* with what all that awareness and discovery turns up aboutcha – even the not-so-pretty.

“its about rooting down into the ground of who you are… embracing it, setting about a foundation inside it, and then reaching outside yourself from there. You can grow really really tall. But if your roots aren’t equally substantial, you’ll blow over in the first strong breeze. Ironically, Ingrid, it was your talk at Accountex that really brought this vague feeling I’d been having into sharper focus. Yes, work on your weaknesses, expand your talents… but don’t work on trying to be something to someone you really aren’t at heart. And don’t build a business that is dependent upon you being fundamentally different from who you are.”

growth keyHear, hear!

“Hear, hear! I’ve been exploring going out of my comfort zone for the past year or so now, and I’ve learned that I can’t operate like most others do, and that’s truly okay. I like to try new things, embrace change, and challenge myself, but not at the expense of..well…me. Who we are is what makes our firms unique, and that should be how we flourish from our growth. It’s within those tendriling roots that strengthens and sustains for the long term, and for the realness and truth of it all.”

Join us on the journey

Are you ready to experience growth in your business? Post your comments on this article. Tell us what you feel the most important components have been for your growth.

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