First time attending QBConnect

First time attending QBConnect

Yes, this is my first time attending QBConnect.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!  Carefully planning for the last four months, I have mapped out my adventure that I will share with you today.  Click here Seth David’s countdown to the big event #QBConnect.

Why I chose QBConnect

There were several factors that led to my decision to attend this year’s QBConnect.  

  • It is happening at a good time of the year for me.  Late October is perfect timing for this conference for me because third quarter has ended and it is before fourth quarter really gets revved up.
  • I am combining this trip to include some sightseeing that I have on my bucket list.  (It’s seldom I visit the West Coast.)
  • With some planning, I’ve created a trip that will start with #QBConnect and include visiting some national parks for their 100th anniversary celebrations.  I’ve also made this trip about being a real “Firm of the Future” and will be working on a documentary about how to led a nomadic lifestyle and work from the road.
  • The speakers and workshops being offered at the conference look phenomenal.


Planning for QBConnect

It is a highly anticipated event by accountants, bookkeepers, software developers and small business owners worldwide.  As I read Mariette Martinez’s blog about this event, I took her great advice about how to get ready for the big event.  Here’s my rundown on what I’ve done:

  1. First, I have been preparing for this trip by planning my flight, my hotel accommodations, and am now in the stage of packing for the trip.  As I have been told by many, pack lightly because you will get a ton of swag; however, I am also preparing to take my laptop and Iphone so I can take a lot of pictures and post to social media about all that is happening there!  (Don’t forget your chargers for your devices!  I definitely don’t want to be caught out with a low battery message.)
  2. Next, I connected with others on social media that are planning to attend; I followed along with #QBConnect on twitter; and I joined Own It, a network dedicated to small business success (another way to connect with others that are attending QBConnect!).
  3. I have carefully planned my agenda, using the schedule that is available here and connected to the #QBConnect mobile app.
  4. My business cards were next on my list.  I plan to hand these out to everyone I engage with because you never know where a referral will come from.  My awesome self-designed t-shirt is packed on the top, as I plan to wear it at the conference.  (Sorry, no peeking ahead of time — there has to be some sort of element of surprise!)

And the rest of the story…

For me, the countdown is real.  I have 100 (okay, maybe a slight over exaggeration!) things to do back at the office and home before leaving.  My list for this includes:

  1. Making plans for someone to take care of the dog and cat.
  2. Filling the oil tank (yes, it is cold here in Connecticut).
  3. Finishing up some client work and planning for my time away from the office.  
  4. Completing my agenda for the trip home because that is an entirely different adventure.  I chose to fly to CA but rent a car and drive back over the course of three weeks.  My husband and I will be stopping at various state parks and other sites along the trip back.  I will be interviewing business owners in different states, finding out similarities and differences between the states in operating their small businesses.  Then I plan to write my findings in a future article.
  5. Spending time with my family because by the time I get back home, it will be the start of the holiday season!
  6. Renewing my driver’s license because my birthday is in November (yes, I am officially turning 50 and that is definitely a big milestone).
  7. Lastly, I need to complete an absentee ballot because I can’t miss this election.  (No more to say on that subject.)

Exciting times ahead…

Is this your first time attending QBConnect?  If so, I’m sure you are just as excited.  If not, I’ll bet you are equally excited because you know how great this event can be!  Even though it took a lot of prep for this trip, I am confident it will be well worth all the planning.  Finally meeting lots of people that I’ve spoken to for the past few years online will be priceless for me.  That along with the fact that I get to network with others I have yet to meet, attend the workshops, hear the speakers, and meet vendors will make this a totally amazing event!

Hope to see you at #QBConnect!


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