Feeling a Little Overwhelmed?

This last week I have been feeling a little overwhelmed.  You know too much to do, but too little time to do it.  The next couple of weeks are going to be so insane.  I have surgery for my right knee, an employee leaving, a new employee starting, a conference to attend and oh 106 new clients transitioning in.   Of course none of this includes what is going on in my personal life.  So how do I manage not being so overwhelmed?

Here are several ways I use to help stop feeling so overwhelmed:

  1. Call a good friend or colleague. I have several friends or colleagues that I rely on.  They give me perspective when I need it.  Often they can give me clarity and help talk me off the ledge when I am ready to jump.
  1. This is a new one for me.  I have to admit this is not my strength.  I have had to learn how to meditate.  Recently I purchased an app called headspace https://www.headspace.com.  In ten minutes it teaches how to meditate and it teaches the things you should look for when meditating.  It starts out as a free 10 day trial but it is to help reduce stress and anxiety.
  1. Take a time out. Sometimes you just need to take a few steps back and do something different to feel refreshed.  Read a book, get out with some friends, go to a movie.    Clear your mind.
  1. Sometime you need to release some energy.  I find walking helps me clear my mind. I put on some good tunes, set the pace and go.  Take Yoga, a spin class, swimming find something that you enjoy doing.
  1. Write a to do list. When I have a lot to get done, often I will write out a list of what needs to be accomplished.  Then I will cross off each one that I complete. It helps me keep it straight in my mind.

Everyone get’s overwhelmed from time to time.  Just remember it is temporary.  Stay focused.  Take a deep, breath and this too will pass.

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