Excel Trick #1: Adding Multiple Rows or Columns in Excel

As you know, I’m all about efficiency. I hate doing anything more than once. Even clicking!

Microsoft Excel is one of the programs we use most in our businesses. Number-crunching is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be evil.

Ready for a few time-saving Excel tricks? Over the next few weeks I’ll share some of my favorite tricks.

Here’s the first one!

Let’s say you wanted to insert several new rows. You don’t have to go Insert, Insert, Insert. You can do it all in one shot! Here’s how:

Highlight the number of rows that you want to insert and right-click on the row header. Then choose Insert, and Excel will insert that number of rows for you.

This also works for columns!

Watch me demonstrate how to insert several rows in Excel spreadsheets in this clip from my Learn Excel in 3 Hours Flat course.

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