Do you Have the Right People?

Finding the right people for the right roles has probably is one of the hardest challenges you can have as a business owner.  You take the time to interview a candidate that looks great.  They are well qualified.  They answer all the questions the way you like.  You think they will fit perfect into your organization so you hire them and to your dismay…They are an absolute disaster.

In my fourth year of business I was tired of constantly hiring the wrong people and having high turn-over.  What was I doing wrong?  I broke down and hired a business coach who introduced me to “DISC”.  DISC is an assessment tool that helps leverage your people.  DISC stands for Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Compliance. People who are Dominance are typically business owners.  They tend to be demanding and result orient.  Sales people are Influencing. They persuade others.  Steadiness and Compliance are your worker bees.  A business cannot function without them.  Steadiness stands for dependability and persistence where Compliance people are perfectionists.  They like accuracy and policy and procedures. When I gave a disc assessment it gave me a comprehensive report about the individual as well as ways to manage them.

DISC helps you have the right people by:

  1. It identifies what motivates an individual
  1. It helps you understand their communication style. What way to communicate and how not to communicate with them.
  1. You learn how to leverage an individual’s strengths

This one tool helped me not only learn a bit about myself, but help aligned my people’s strengths and passions with their responsibility.   What I realized, I had the right people just in the wrong roles.  Being a bookkeeping firm we work with high D (Dominance) people.  My C (compliant people) could not handle working onsite with these types of business owners.  The business owners were eating them alive.  They were pushy and wanted the work done faster.  C- Compliant people tend to be slow, methodically about their work.  I needed them to work on internal remote clients. I also need someone to manage these people because I made them a nervous wreck being a high D and High I myself.

Here is a cool link to take a quick abbreviated version of the assessment.    What is your personality style? Find out how you can have the right people and learn more about DISC.

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