Desarie Anderson
Keeping Start-ups and Small Businesses on the IRS's 'Good Side'

Keeping Start-ups and Small Businesses on the IRS's 'Good Side'

Desarie Anderson is originally from London, England.  She currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, David.

Desarie always jokes that she has had the distinct pleasure of using both the left and right side of her brain.  She owned and operated a salon for over 17 years (Right side), and now she owns a small Tax and Accounting practice (Left side).  So you can get your hair cut & colored and get your taxes done all in one visit.

Desarie graduated from Georgia State University with a BA in Accounting.  She is a Georgia CPA and an IRS Enrolled Agent.  She is also a certified QuickBooks online Pro advisor.

In addition to providing small businesses with bookkeeping and accounting services, she is passionate about helping start-ups and small businesses properly plan their business set up and their on-going activities, so they avoid potential IRS issues.  She believes that it is easier to do things right in the beginning than to try and correct issues that could have been avoided with a little early planning and sound advice.

As a former employee of the Department of Revenue, she has seen firsthand the tangled web small businesses weave for themselves.  Lack of proper planning leaves small businesses that are already financially strapped in serious IRS debt.  Between the increase in tax owed due to errors and penalties & interests, some small businesses are forced to shut their doors.  It is my job to make sure this does not happen.

During the few hours of the day Desarie is not working, she enjoys working out and watching Netflix.   She also spends a few hours a week working in a salon to stay close to her niche market.

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