Are your Clients Getting Good Value?

Do you know the VALUE of the bookkeeping services you provide?  Clients want the best value for their money.  Clients make purchases based on the best price for the best value. Your clients are the ones who perceive your value.  Clients want a price that they can justify.  It is up to you to help clarify the value in the services you offer.

In order to educate your clients on that value, you must first understand what that value is and how that value is perceived by your client.  To determine the value of the services your company is providing you have to figure out the value of the results being provided.

To begin to uncover the value of the services you provide, ask yourself these questions:

  • What problems does my company help my clients solve?
    • Help with Cash flow
    • Keep them compliant with taxes
  • My company is an expert at helping my client accomplish? What is the end result?
    • Keep the business owner organized
    • Free up the business owners time
  • How does my client feel when using my company’s services?
    • Peace of mind
    • Relieve the stress of doing the bookkeeping
  • What is the value I offer as part of my service?
    • Experience with many business
    • Respond to client’s needs quickly

I have given some answers to get you started but you will want to write down as many answers that come to mind.  If you find yourself getting stuck, just pretend you are a customer looking to hire you.  Looking at it from a different prospective will help you to think and ask different questions.

The next step is to qualify the answers you gave above by asking your clients what matters most to them. Asking your client will either give you confirm what you believe is the value you provide and/or you uncover something that is important to your clients that you had not thought of.

Your objective is to find out how using your service will make a difference in their business. The answers give you the information you need to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations every time and the confidence in the services you provide.

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