Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes

Back to my childhood and Vegemite sandwiches as my previous blog titled “I think I can, I think I can, and I did!”, I mention that I was the odd one out with the Italian bread and can I add it was homemade and thickly cut, not like the nice sliced white sandwich bread of my Aussie girlfriends, this little Italian girl sat there with her thick bread and salami. This would have been circa (without giving my age away) late 1960’s.

I managed to get through those years and we did progress to the Vegemite sandwiches once I hit secondary school. Well I thought it was progress and changes were good. But as the years passed the all Italian homemade bread became popular and is now the “flavour” and the “norm” and who doesn’t enjoy biting into a nice warm crusty slice of thick Italian bread.    

So as changes happened with the bread in my life so did everything else. As a business owner I had to keep abreast of what was not only happening in the Accounting Industry but also in the IT industry. Who knew what working in the clouds meant back when I commenced my bookkeeping business in 2005?

Simply put, what does working in the cloud mean? it is the ability to work online from any computer, laptop or device as long as you’re connected to the internet. So when you’re working on your files you are not working on your local machine.  You need a login and password which gives you access to your files which are stored in the cloud in the storage software which you may subscribe to monthly or yearly. For example a cloud service provider like Intuit QuickBooks Online for your accounting data, which we now specialise in. 

So what are some of the features and benefits to the cloud?

  • Updates are made easier
    • The cloud service provider handles all updates automatically for you
  • Lower Operating Costs
    • Cloud computing saves IT staffing and extra hardware equipment costs for storing your data and files
  • Access 24 x 7 anywhere in the world
    • Accessibility for all staff within the business no time constraints nor location constraints
  • Information sharing
    • Ability to log into the same data file as the rest of the team
  • No loss of Data
    • So if your pc hard drive containing all your files burns and crashes you still have access to all your data and files  
  • Integration
    • Adapting a cloud based solution for your business creates multiple opportunities for integration into your main software as your business grows
  • Support
    • Most software companies offer support so accessing expert support is easier

I could keep going on but I think you get my drift here. So moving with the changes has actually increased my business as I am now talking to clients across Australia and not just in my local area where I would have to drive to see my clients.  So moral of the story we all have to make changes and embrace them.

Leaving you with a song around “ch-ch- ch-ch- changes” Note: the original song was by David Bowie  enjoy!


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