The Bookkeeper/BAS Agent and the Accountant/TAX Agent – Two vital roles to a successful business.

The purpose of an Accountant / Tax Agent  and Bookkeeper / BAS Agent is often confused.

We are often seen as rivalries, the truth is we aren’t.

Although there is some overlap, the reality is that an Accountant and Bookkeeper are two vital roles that a successful business needs to have in order to grow.

Your financial team to back you up as you business grows.

Bookkeeping with computer

What is a Bookkeeper / BAS Agent?

Bookkeepers are instrumental in the ongoing financial upkeep of your business on a daily, weekly basis. They will ensure your business financials are up to date, accurate and reconciled correctly.  A Bookkeeper-BAS Agent will:

  • Process invoices, receipts, payments, and other financial transactions
  • Process and maintain your payroll system
  • Prepare initial financial statements
  • Reconcile accounts and prepare reconciliation reports
  • Manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable, i.e. amounts owing by debtors, and amounts owing to creditors
  • Calculate GST
  • Prepare and lodge your monthly, quarterly or yearly BAS
  • Be your confidant with your daily running of your business
  • Depending on the level of the BAS Agent also giving advice to grow your businsess, if they cant they will certainly know where you can get help.

What is an Accountant / Tax Agent ?

The role of an Accountant-Tax Agent is often more advisory and analytical in nature. An accountant through analysis of past performance can offer financial projections and advice on future financial elements of your business. This includes:

  • Taxation advice and planning
  • Business establishment assistance
  • Auditing
  • Corporate reporting and compliance
  • Superannuation fund advice
  • Financial management advice
  • Prepare and lodge your  yearly Tax Returns

The BYBB difference

Bookkeeping Your Bizzy Bizness (BYBB) is different to your average bookkeeper, in addition to the traditional bookkeeping services, we also offer business advice ,  how to improve your business, training on QuickBooks Online and rescue work. All backed by Lauretta Finis, one of Australia’s leading experts in QuickBooks Online


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