A Benefit of Healthy Numbers

Do you have concerns about the financial wellness of your Main Street business? If so, or if you just want to peruse the articles for small businesses, then Welcome to the launch of Between Wall & Main!

Small business financial success is my passion.

The Main Street businesses that I serve often face challenges in making all of the cogs in their business work successfully. Between funding a small business, meeting government requirements, and hiring staff or finding a good outsource asset, an owner can find that their head spins and they find themselves unable to focus on what really matters to them–satisfying their customer’s needs so their business can be successful, and living their passion.

Is your Main Street business profitable?

Do you know for certain? If you’re certain, how are you certain?

Do you understand your financial statements?

Do the numbers on your financial statements resonate with the operational realities of your Main Street business?

I hope that your financial statements resonate reality.

If you’re not sure, keep coming back!

I mentioned that funding a Main Street business can be a challenge. One of the best ways to obtain funding, even if just to meet short-term financial obligations, is to maintain clean financials. That allows you, the owner, to know what your current and future financial needs will be. As well, your funding source will be able to understand your cash flow need. Whether a line of credit is necessary or an advance on the accounts receivable, be confident in presenting the need. Always bear in mind that a line of credit will need to be funded with payments at a future date. That’s an additional consideration to take into account when considering cash flow needs down the road.

If your Main Street business feels like a roller coaster, stay tuned to Between Wall & Main. It’s my hope that you will gain insight on your journey of owning a Main Street business. I look forward to helping you resonate with your numbers.

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