Why You Should Attend the QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification Training

I attended the Intuit QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification training recently when Laura Redmond, and MB Raimondi came to Los Angeles to offer the training. Prior to this, you had to come to QuickBooks Connect, to get this training. You can still get it there.

Intuit pays for your QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification Training!

That’s right! It’s 100% free, but here’s the REAL reason why you should attend this, even if you have no intention of getting certified!

I went there, because even though Laura and MB said I could teach the class, in case one of them got tired, I wanted to see what I didn’t know.

One of the keys to my success has been based on always remaining teachable. As soon as I think I know everything my growth is stunted.

So I attended the Intuit QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification to learn – even if I wasn’t going to take the test (and I haven’t yet) I know I would  learn some valuable information about QuickBooks Online. Turns out I was right. I did learn. Quite a bit in fact.

The other reason I attended the QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification is to see people. I love connecting with others, especially in our industry. What better place could there be, to meet like minded people?

Bottom line is this!

Attend the training! At the very least you’ll learn something and meet some like minded people, who might lead to an opportunity some day. At the very most, you’ll have all that, and you’ll take and pass the exam, and become advanced certified in QuickBooks Online!

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