6 Ways to Keep your Clients Happy

Let’s face it without our customers we do not have a business. Keeping Clients happy is an integral part of your company’s success.  Great clients turn and refer their friends and other partners to you.  As you know the process of acquiring new clients can be very time consuming and expensive.  You want to attract the right type of client but how do you keep them?

Here are the 6 Ways to keep your clients happy that I use in my firm.

  1. Pay Attention and anticipate client needs. Find out what your clients expectations and communication styles are – What is their communication preference? Do they prefer email, phone calls or an onsite meeting? Often our clients are buying solutions to a problem they are experiencing.  Ask what matters to them. Plan ahead and anticipate their needs and go above and beyond that.
  1. Make your clients feel important and appreciated. Making your customers feel important is a tremendous step in building customer loyalty.  Know your clients, celebrate their successes and remember the things that are important to them.
  1. Listening is key. Through active listening, we strive to understand what our customer’s value.  They want us to deliver our services better than what their previous services offer. Take the time to identify your client needs by asking them questions and concentrating on what they are saying. Listen to their words, tone of voice, body language, and most importantly, how they feel. Be careful not to make assumptions
  1. Clients need to understand the process. This is a very important step. You may have the very best process for getting things done but if your clients do not understand that process, they will get confused, impatient and angry.  Take the time to explain how your process works..  Give them an extensive overview so that they can envision the way the work will be completed.
  1. Get regular feedback. Encourage and welcome suggestions about how you can improve your service  This does not mean that you have to incorporate into your process what they are saying but it does give you good insight into what they are thinking.  Find a simple way in which your clients can give you feedback.  Surveys work well and are inexpensive.
  1. Treat your staff well. Employees and subcontractors are an extension of you. Make sure they are treated well.  Thank them and find ways to let them know that they are important.  Remember without them, you would be doing all of the work yourself!

The best clients are you existing clients.  Client turnover can be a serious problem.  Take the time to invest in your clients by listening to them and following these 6 ways to keep your clients happy..

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