3 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself

3 tips for motivating yourself

It isn’t always easy to motivate yourself.  If you are like me, the long New England winter has taken its toll on you by March.  

long winter months


You long for days full of sunshine and warmth.  Most days what you get is gloomy and cold.  On those days, it becomes increasingly harder to motivate yourself.  Over the years, I’ve become creative on motivating myself to get through the not-so-wonderful days.  And now I’m sharing with you three tips on how to motivate yourself that I practice.

Pam’s 3 Tips on How to Motivate Yourself

Listen to podcasts:  

I make it a habit to listen to inspirational podcasts.  One of my favorites is Gretchen Rubin.  Her podcasts are just as motivating as her books!  If you haven’t read her book, The Happiness Project, put that on your must-read list.  Learn how your habits affect your happiness.  Podcasts can be a great source of how to motivate yourself.

Create a vision board:

:vision board

Set aside an hour for a fun project.  This is a sure-fire way to relax, have fun, and transform you into a better mood.  Vision boards contain goals, dreams, and things that make you happy.  If you already have one, take the time to review it and update it.  If you aren’t familiar with vision boards, refer to my motivational tips article.  

Structure your day:

Plan your day to involve something that will make you want to jump out of bed in the morning!  I am a firm believer that if you have a purpose laid out before you, the day will unfold much more easily.  I follow my calendar and task management system, both of which drive my day’s purpose.  To ensure structure, this is a must for me.  Having a consistent routine builds productivity and, in turn, motivates you.  Without one, you are more apt to become drained physically, emotionally, as well as mentally.

In conclusion:

Don’t feel as if you need to stick to the same old every day.  Listen to what your body and mind is telling you.  The signals you get should not be ignored.  If you need to motivate yourself, give one of these three tips a try.  Above all, remember my three reasons for taking a break, and schedule some break time into your daily routine.  You only get one chance at life so break the unspoken rules and do something fun.  Go for a walk, watch a movie, or schedule some “you” time.  If you are like me, you dream of beautiful weather and the great memories you’ve made & look forward to making more!

Pam's memories


I’d love to hear about your tips on how you motivate yourself.  Leave them in the comments section.  We’re all here to help each other and sometimes that speaks volumes for getting motivated.

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